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Holdiness was challenged elevator company for space in […]

Holdiness was challenged elevator company for space in his home and yet he was interested in having an elevator retrofitted into his home he had lived in for the last 20 years. This was the perfect project for the pneumatic vacuum elevator as this technology has the smallest foot print in the industry.

As the world’s only air-driven home elevator, the pneumatic vacuum elevator has the unique feature of being a panoramic home elevator providing the passenger with a 360 degree view while traveling between floors. With through-floor balcony mounted options available, the vacuum elevator can be installed almost anywhere within the home, making them the most versatile residential elevator on the market. No need for a shat, a pit, or a machine room. It is the world’s only plug & play home elevator.

The passenger elevator adopts the latest permanent-magnet synchronously driven thin gearless traction machine, eliminating the need for a large reduction gear, which greatly saves machine room space.The permanent-magnet synchronous gearless traction machine has low noise, low vibration characteristics and continuous improvement.

The combination of the microcomputer network control vectorized frequency conversion speed regulation method makes the elevator operation more stable, quieter, and brings a more comfortable riding experience. Combined with a high-efficiency drive circuit, the efficiency is increased, the energy consumption is reduced, and the The pollution problem caused by the penetration of the gear oil of the traditional traction machine can make the operation of the elevator more economical while beautifying the environment.