What to pay attention to when buying a freight elevator


To buy a heavy duty cargo lift is a very important thin […]

To buy a heavy duty cargo lift is a very important thing. Hydraulic cargo lifting platforms, which are important equipment widely used in cargo transportation between floors.Everyone mistakenly thinks that hydraulic elevators are elevators. They are all the same, and they are all lifting work. This kind of thinking is wrong. Hydraulic lifts and elevators are like two Chinese. Foreigners look the same, but insiders know that their customs and dialects are not the same.




This is like hydraulic lifts and elevators.Every day, customers consult our online customer service and say that I want to buy a cargo lift of several meters. We understand that the customer needs a freight elevator of several meters, that is, what he needs is a hydraulic lifting platform, so the hydraulic lifting platform and elevator what differences are there? Why can’t a hydraulic elevator be called an elevator? The installation environment of hydraulic elevators is relatively simple compared to elevator installation.


In the multi-story building structure, there is no need to design a shaft, no need to build a machine room, and no need to install a pit. The hydraulic elevator can make full use of the height and space of the building.The elevator installation environment must have elevator shafts and elevator pits.the difference between. Although the hydraulic elevator also has a motor as a lifting stroke of up to 20 meters, even if it is configured with the best lifting stroke, it will not make the lifting stroke higher.the lift travel of the elevator is not restricted.


The lifting height of tens of meters and tens of meters can be easily completed.In a word, a hydraulic lift is a kind of vertical carrying platform equipment, with low cost and simple construction. After the factory is customized, it can be installed in basically one day. Through the driving principle, dual-track positioning, and other unique process design, it has the characteristics of large carrying capacity and good stability. It has been widely recognized by many warehousing companies, transportation companies, and the logistics industry. The hydraulic lift is recognized by the Technical Supervision Bureau as a tool category and does not require approval for construction.I hope our introduction can be helpful to you. If you want to know more about the knowledge of freight elevator, you can browse us Website, we will provide you with more professional information.