What to do if there is a sudden power failure in the elevator


Many people may think: Isn’t it obvious passenger lift […]

Many people may think: Isn’t it obvious passenger lift that the elevator is down? I have seen many similar situations in TV and movies. First of all, I want to emphasize that there are quite a few elevator safety measures. And these safety protection devices can be divided into three types: mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical integrated. Among them, mechanical safety protection devices include: speed limiter, safety gear, buffer, brake, overspeed protection device.


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Secondly, the Quality Supervision Bureau It is also stipulated that the elevator needs to be maintained every 15 days, and the safety inspection is required every year. At the end of the safety inspection, the elevator will not fall due to power failure, but will automatically stop running. The elevator traction system is composed of multiple steel cables, one steel cable is composed of multiple strands, and one strand is composed of multiple wires. The safety factor is calculated based on the total breaking load of all cables.


For three or more elevators, the safety factor is that each elevator has multiple steel ropes, which are independently suspended from each other. What should I do if I encounter an elevator failure? First of all, be calm. Although the elevator is a confined space, there will be no hypoxia. The trapped passengers in some news are often due to fear and anxiety, coupled with uncertain waiting time for rescue, they are prone to rapid heartbeat and breathing difficulties; the key to rescue is to seek help.


You can press the emergency button, dial 119, 110, or call the property or family members. Do not try to pry open the elevator door, let alone climb out of the elevator if the elevator resumes operation when you climb halfway, the consequences will be disastrous , Do not take “self-thinking” measures. Behind every major elevator accident, there are some smart people who have paid the price of their lives; if the elevator is falling, you can try to grasp the handrail or elevator wall with both hands and straighten your legs. Keep your body close to the elevator wall to reduce damage to joints and spine.