What should be paid attention to in the design of elevator escalator decoration


Passenger elevators are elevators designed to transport […]

Passenger elevators are elevators designed to transport passengers and are mainly used in places with high passenger flow such as hotels, restaurants, and large commercial stores. Therefore, the combination of a variety of materials and colors is used, and the texture of the interior decoration materials is extremely sophisticated, and the lines and shapes are as best as possible, focusing on every subtlety, showing noble and tranquil, luxurious style, dignified and elegant, safe and comfortable The ride space gives people a refreshing and pleasant visual touch.


And use different color temperature difference and different light source processing, can be dim and warm, can be bright and brisk, showing a different elevator decoration style, creating an excellent atmosphere suitable for various environmental requirements.When selecting materials for decorating the car, the hospital bed elevator must be able to prevent corrosion. Since there are many patients in contact with the hospital elevator, it is necessary to disinfect the car from time to time. The inner wall of the car, the ground, the ceiling, the handrails, etc. will be in contact with some chemical agents.


Therefore, materials that can prevent corrosion are required to decorate the inside of the car. Secondly, proper anti-collision buffering treatment should be done on the entrance cover of the hall door and the front wall of the car, so that it can protect the entrance cover of the hall door and the front wall of the car, and can reduce the impact of collision and protect the patient on the hospital bed. In addition, the decoration style of the car should not allow the patient to feel cold and panic. It must be able to show a warm and comfortable feeling so that the patient can temporarily forget or relieve the physical pain. In the decoration of home elevators, more consideration is to adapt to people of different ages and different cultural qualities.


Children playing in the car may collide with the handrail or car wall; the elderly may encounter difficulties in operating the floor selection due to bad eyesight; low-quality people may smoke in the car and cause fire; drunk people may be right. The car, hall door and control panel were destroyed. In addition, home elevators may be hit by some things such as furniture and bicycles. Therefore, when decorating the home ladder, the car wall decoration should consider using some materials that can cushion, but not using wood and other easily combustible materials for decoration. The buttons and floor indicators of the control panel in the car should be of appropriate size, and more eye-catching colors should be selected. At the same time, it should be considered that they have a relatively high degree of anti-destruction and safety after being destroyed.