What are the self-rescue methods for elevator failure


Because passenger lift each operation of the elevator h […]

Because passenger lift each operation of the elevator has to go through the door opening and closing actions, the door locks work frequently, and the aging speed is fast. Over time, the door switch will fail and the passengers will be easily trapped. How to deal with it: If you are trapped in the elevator, you should calmly call for help first, while keeping your strength and waiting for rescue.


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You can use the phone or walkie-talkie in the elevator to ask for help, and you can press the alarm bell to call the police. In elevators with mobile phone signals, you can call for help with your mobile phone. Commonly known as elevator drop, it refers to the vertical drop of the elevator car when the control system fails.


When the car loses control and rushes to the top of the elevator shaft, it is called elevator rushing. Solution: First, no matter how many floors there are, press the buttons on each floor as soon as possible. When the emergency power supply is activated, the elevator can immediately stop and continue to fall.


Second, if there is a handle in the elevator, hold the handle tightly with one hand, so that you can fix the position of the person, so that you will not be injured by the unstable center of gravity. Third, the entire back and head are close to the inner wall of the elevator, in a straight line. Use the elevator wall as a spine protection. Fourth, the knee is bent. Because ligaments are the only tissue in the human body that is rich in elasticity, the use of knee flexion to withstand the pressure of heavy blows will bear more pressure than bones.