What are the non-contact elevator solutions


Today, more than ever, elevator passengers want to esca […]

Today, more than ever, elevator passengers want to escalator feel safe getting to their destinations. Especially during the global pandemic, passengers prefer to avoid touching elevator fixtures and buttons as much as possible to reduce the spread of germs and viruses. Touch-free solutions deliver less worry for passengers and building managers with the added convenience of a smoother and faster ride experience.Social distancing is at the top of everyone’s minds.


Dispatching systems promote this safety measure through enhanced destination management. Elevators can be programmed with options such as limiting the number of passengers assigned to each cab, automatic transportation to pre-defined floors and custom screen display options to promote safe riding practices. The result is not only a safer ride but a faster, more efficient journey.What if you could call an elevator and arrive at your destination without ever having to push a button  allows passengers to use their phones to place elevator calls from anywhere in the building. They never have to touch buttons or fixtures, making for a truly touch-free experience.


Call not only reduces the spread of germs and viruses but wait times as well. For enhanced security, building management has full control over who can access the elevators via the app.A touchless ride experience is just the beginning, though. In fact, seamless elevator journeys are already here. For example, one Otis customer integrates its biometric building access systems with  intelligent dispatching technology to coordinate personal elevator assignments, seamlessly delivered to a smartphone app.


The app makes seamless, intuitive calls as passengers pass through the lobby.Seamless elevator technology is poised to go even further. In the future, passengers may have their entire elevator experience curated including personalized information and music and be able to call not only their elevator but their ride from anywhere in the city, by any mode of transportation. While we don’t know exactly what tomorrow holds, we do know that Otis is committed to your safety, and we will continue innovating safe, efficient solutions well into the future.