What are the cultural characteristics of the elevator service industry


The life cycle of an elevator company includes five mai […]

The life cycle of an elevator company includes five main links: production design, sales, installation, maintenance and use management. In the entire life cycle of an elevator, production, sales, and installation are just a short process, while maintenance and use management are long-term processes until the elevator is scrapped. As long as several decades, as short as ten years, maintenance is always accompanied. Therefore, the service nature of maintenance determines its characteristics, which is long-term and durability; at the same time, it also belongs to the tertiary industry because of the service nature. The characteristics of maintenance also determine the characteristics of the industry's culture. Many maintenance organizations are now forming a corporate culture that meets the characteristics of maintenance and is constantly developing this culture. Its manifestations are: first, the service industry must establish service ideas and concepts; second, in order to maintain long-term service It must treat customers with a sincere attitude and show the principle of integrity; third, companies need to have a reputation, establish a brand mechanism, establish a corporate image, and have a good performance, and so on. But today, such thoughts and concepts are not created in a day, but are gradually formed after the elevator industry has undergone great changes. From the rapid development and changes of the elevator industry in the past two decades, we can see the transformation of corporate culture and society. 


The introduction of market mechanisms has brought about changes in concepts. Since the introduction of market mechanisms since the reform and development, especially since the introduction of foreign investment in the elevator industry, great changes have taken place, especially the establishment of joint ventures, the introduction of international management experience, products The technology and performance of the elevator have been greatly improved and improved. Due to the rapid development of the construction industry across the country, the high-rise buildings are everywhere, and the number of elevator products has increased sharply. The number of elevator users has also increased significantly. The elevator products have changed from "luxury products". The development towards massification has changed from "the emperor's daughter does not worry about getting married" to the need for "competition for employment". The competition in marketing is very fierce.In the early days, all companies implemented product production and sales, and built a large number of factories. With the continuous expansion of the elevator market, most of the products of the year have gradually entered the maintenance stage. People have begun to pay attention to this business.


At the same time, product competition has penetrated into the maintenance business. The establishment and participation of a large number of new maintenance teams also makes this The competition in the industry is getting fiercer. In fact, this kind of competition has brought benefits to customers, and it has also brought about tremendous changes in the attitudes, concepts, ideas, and methods of maintenance personnel.In the past, elevator maintenance as a technical task had a sense of mystery. The maintenance staff went to the customer for repairs, and the customers were treated with good wine and good food, smiled and greeted each other, for fear of offending. But to this day, you can still see it there. The opposite is true. The maintenance personnel must pay attention to the attitude, the maintenance needs to be timely, and the work must be credible. If you are not careful, you may be complained by the customer, and even get some unfair treatment.Maintenance personnel need to swallow, endure humiliation, and treat them correctly. The maintenance personnel themselves are constantly adjusting their mentality. This is the change in personnel concepts caused by market mechanisms and competition mechanisms. It also affects the corporate culture.


The update of technology has brought about an improvement in the quality of personnel. With the rapid development of elevator technology, the traditional maintenance concept has been greatly changed, especially the quality requirements for maintenance personnel are getting higher and higher. In the past, the way of maintenance was to teach in the form of masters and apprentices. People with general electrician basis can be engaged in elevator maintenance work, and the requirements for cultural knowledge are not very high. Now the situation has changed a lot. If you want to be able to repair elevator failures proficiently, if you do not have a certain cultural foundation, and have not undergone certain training and learning, then you will not understand electronic technology, computers and logical analysis Yes, at best, it does things like replacing the electronic board. Knowing why, but not knowing why, or it’s a little understanding. The lack of sufficient capacity for logical analysis and judgment of faults results in prolonging the maintenance time or using surface treatments instead of real and substantial solutions. We are also fortunate to see that a group of young, highly educated personnel with modern cultural knowledge have been enriched in the maintenance team, bringing new culture, new concepts, and new ideas. It also challenges traditional habits, traditional management and traditional consciousness. Changing the image of the maintenance team, changing the structure and quality of the maintenance team.