What are the common sense of getting in and out and taking the elevator


When passenger lift the elevator floor and car door are […]

When passenger lift the elevator floor and car door are opened, passengers should go down first and then go up instead of pushing each other. When the landing door is fully opened, before entering the car, it is necessary to see whether the floor of the elevator car and the floor of the floor are on the same plane, so as to prevent the elevator from tripping due to incorrect leveling. When arriving at the destination floor, the car stops and the door is fully opened, confirm that the car floor and the floor are on the same plane, and then walk out of the car. When entering and exiting the car, you also need to pay attention to the following: prohibit running in or out of the car when the elevator door is closed; do not hold the door panel with your hands, and do not put your hands between the car door and the landing door, and between the door and the door frame for a long time , So as not to pinch your hands; take care to prevent crutches, stiletto tips from getting stuck in the grooves of the entry sill or both, so as not to be clamped; when the elevator is overloaded, there will be a sound and light alarm and the elevator cannot close or start.


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Passengers entering after this time Should take the initiative to exit the car, wait for the next elevator, wait until the elevator door is completely closed and start to start before pressing the call button. A fully loaded elevator will not answer other landing calls until some passengers leave the elevator. This is not a malfunction, but a design to ensure elevator safety and improve operating efficiency. When the elevator floor and car door are closing, it is very dangerous to directly block the door closing with your hands or feet. If you need to stop the elevator from closing, passengers at the landing can press the outbound button in the elevator running direction in the waiting hall; passengers in the car can press the door open button, and the elevator floor and car doors will reopen. While the door is directly blocked by hands, feet, etc., although the floor and car doors are usually automatically reopened under the action of the safety protection device light curtain or safety touch panel, the elevator may be possible when the door system detects the blind zone or the door system fails Cause harm to human body. Inside the car, there is a car control panel indicating each floor.


Passengers entering the car press the button of the destination floor, the selected button indicator will light up, and the button light will indicate that the selected floor has been registered by the elevator control system. If the passenger's destination floor button is already lit, don't select it again, and don't select the landing button that the passenger cannot go to. For elevators with light load anti-tamper function, when there are few passengers in the elevator car, the load in the car is lower than the set value of the elevator control system, and the destination floor selected by the passengers is many, the value can be adjusted in the control system. The control system will eliminate all floor selection instructions, and passengers need to press the destination floor button again. This situation is not an elevator fault. In addition, some elevators have the function of canceling the wrong command.


If you select the wrong floor number in the elevator car, press the floor number button several times and some elevators are long-pressed, and the button indicator light of the floor goes out, indicating the selected floor The layer is cancelled. After entering the car, passengers should stand inside the car, do not hold their hands, or lean against the safety touch panel or light curtain, so as not to affect the closing of the floor and the car door, and do not get too close to the car door, especially if the passengers are loosely dressed or towed When dressing such as long skirts, formal dresses, etc., care should be taken to prevent the clothing from being caught by the floor or the car door, causing personal injury. When the elevator car arrives at the station, the elevator floor and car door open automatically, the number of the floor is displayed on the car control panel, the corresponding floor button indicator will go out, and the barrier-free elevator will also have a voice prompt to inform the passengers of the parking position of the car.