The function and usage of each button in the elevator car


On the control panel in the car lift, there are general […]

On the control panel in the car lift, there are generally several types of buttons such as floor selection button, door opening button, door closing button, alarm button, and intercom button. Floor selection button, as the name implies, is used to select the destination floor. When passengers enter the elevator car, they should press the destination floor button to select the floor. The indicator light in the button lights up to prove that the floor has been registered and the floor selection is successful. After the door is closed, the elevator will stop in sequence in the same direction. Door opening button At present, elevators are generally equipped with automatic doors driven by power. The door opening button is used to open the elevator doors. When passengers are inside the car, the elevator doors are in the process of automatically closing. If you find that there are still passengers outside the car ready to enter the car, you can press the door open button to automatically open the elevator door. When the elevator door is completely closed and the elevator has not started running, pressing the door open button can also automatically open the elevator door again.


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The door close button is a button used to operate the elevator door to close automatically. When all passengers enter the car completely and the elevator light curtain or safety touch panel is not blocked, the elevator door will automatically close after a preset period of time. In order to improve the efficiency of elevator use, passengers can automatically close the elevator doors in advance by pressing the door-close button. Alarm button When passengers are trapped in the car, they can press the alarm button to alarm the duty room and  the machine room to get timely rescue. Intercom button When passengers are trapped in the car, they can talk to the duty room and or the machine room by pressing the intercom button. After the intercom button is pressed once, after the other party connects the call device, the two parties can talk for a long time. When the call is interrupted, you can press this button again to continue the call.


Door Open Hold Button Some freight elevators are also equipped with a door open hold button, which is generally marked with "Delay" or "Hold". When the button is pressed, the elevator door opens and keeps it for a period of time for loading and unloading goods. When passengers take the elevator in the elevator car, they should lightly touch the floor selection button or the door open/close button, and do not use force or sharp objects such as keys, umbrellas, crutches to tap the buttons. When your hands have water or other oil stains, you should try to dry them before selecting layers to avoid contaminating the buttons, or water seeping into the back of the control panel, causing a circuit break or even direct electric shock to passengers.


When passengers take the children in the elevator, they must be supervised. Do not let the children press the buttons on the control panel in the car. If the floor that no one needs to reach is also selected, the elevator will stop at that floor, which will not only lower This improves the efficiency of the elevator, increases the power consumption, and also greatly increases the waiting time of passengers on other floors. Because some elevators have a number elimination function, pressing the button indiscriminately may also result in the cancellation of the floor selection signal selected by other passengers in the car, so that the elevator cannot stop at the preset landing. If the elevator has an anti-tamper function, pressing the button indiscriminately will cause all floor selection signals to be cancelled, which will also cause inconvenience to passengers.