Store the boat in the water with a golden elevator


Golden Elevator Lifts are built using 6061 T-6 welded a […]

Golden Elevator Lifts are built using 6061 T-6 welded aluminum and stainless explosion-proof elevator steel hardware with sacrificial zinc anodes to conquer harsh marine conditions, whether that involves salt, ice or both. Rugged box construction is used for mating the drive connection and track beam.

Larger-than-average winders are solid aluminum with deep grooves for faster lift speed and cable longevity. 12 heavy-duty Nylatron wheels with stainless equalizer brackets ensure smooth operation on models configured for 4,500kg and greater.The power behind the Elevator Lift is the renowned high-torque Golden Sea-Drive. Massively built, it leads the industry in performance and dependability. It's so reliable, in over 20,000 units manufactured, not one has ever failed.

That's an important consideration, whether the boat is 1,400 or 27,200kg.Unlike some one-size-fits-all boat lifts, the Golden Elevator Lift is made for a specific vessel. Carpeted wood or optional aluminum bunks fit a wide range of hull shapes, including deep-V and stepped. Heavy-duty guide post bumpers make docking simple and fool-proof.

The Golden Elevator Lift is also engineered for the specific installation. It accommodates vertical needs based on water depth and tidal fluctuation, and inward angle for getting out past obstructions. It has a five year warranty on structural parts and ten years on the Golden Sea-Drive.