Southeast Elevator serves the country's most important equipment︱ Congratulations on the success of the world's first grid connection of Hualong No.


At 00:41 on November 27, the world's first Hualong No. […]

At 00:41 on November 27, the world's first Hualong No. 1 reactor, China National Nuclear Corporation's Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 5, was successfully connected to the grid for the first time. This marks that China has broken the monopoly of foreign nuclear power technology and officially entered the ranks of advanced countries in nuclear power technology. This is of great significance for my country to realize the leap from a nuclear power country to a nuclear power power country, and it also further strengthens the "Belt and Road" countries to Hualong One. Confidence.

As one of the "national business cards" to the world, Hualong One is my country’s third-generation nuclear power technology with complete independent intellectual property rights. It is a Chinese nuclear power man who forge ahead in the spirit of "two bombs and one star" and the spirit of nuclear industry. , Always uphold the corporate core values ​​of "responsibility, safety, innovation, and coordination", and unite the country's most important tools forged by strong cooperation.

In order to actively assist the advancement of major national projects, Southeast Elevator specially developed a special nuclear island elevator for the "Hualong One", and accompanied Pakistan's Belt and Road nuclear power project to go abroad.

A letter of thanks from China National Nuclear Corporation for Southeast Elevator, thanking the “nuclear industrialists” and their families who “retrograde” went to the Karachi project for their dedication to overseas “Hualong One”! Thank you Southeast Elevator for contributing to China's nuclear power going global!