Southeast Elevator participated in the 9th International Bridge and Tunnel Technology Conference, contributing to the construction of a bridge and tunnel powerhouse


On September 23-25, Southeast Elevator gathered in Guan […]

On September 23-25, Southeast Elevator gathered in Guangzhou with bridge and tunnel construction builders from all over the country to actively participate in the IBTC2020 (9th) International Bridge and Tunnel Technology Conference. With the theme of “Innovation and Leading, Equal Emphasis on Construction and Maintenance”, this conference conducted in-depth discussions on a series of key issues such as the planning and construction of major national bridge and tunnel projects, intelligent operation and maintenance, and safety assurance, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of my country’s bridge and tunnel infrastructure industry. Quality development, and strive to build my country into a "bridge and tunnel power", and enhance international influence and visibility.

Guests gathered to attend the industry event, focusing on the construction of "super projects" and interpreting the "Chinese standards" in the field of bridges and tunnels. The conference was co-sponsored by Shanghai Civil Engineering Society, Tongji University, Guangdong Highway Society, Guangdong Civil and Architectural Society, Jiangsu Civil and Architectural Society, and Shanghai Engineering Construction Quality Management Association. A total of 800 design, construction and management units from all over the country More than representatives of enterprises and institutions attended the meeting.

The world’s longest sea-crossing bridge, the largest road-rail bridge with the largest span, and the first road-rail bridge is under construction on China’s rivers and seas. The bridge is becoming a new “business card” for China. China The bridge industry has created many "world firsts" for the world's bridges.

The brilliance of the bridge industry is inseparable from the spirit of Chinese bridge builders to overcome difficulties, continuously innovate and break through, and continue to challenge the limit. They cannot do without their wisdom and sweat to establish the "Chinese Standard" in the history of bridge construction in the world. As one of the bridge construction units, Southeast Elevator keeps its mission in mind, lives up to the trust, and always adheres to the core technology leadership. With continuous innovation of bridge elevator products, it serves many domestic cross-river and cross-sea bridge projects and helps the construction of bridges and tunnels.

IBTC2020 provides a top-level academic exchange platform and business negotiation opportunities with high specifications, wide vision and great influence for the majority of bridge and tunnel engineering builders. Southeast Elevator has won the attention and trust of many bridge and tunnel construction companies. Southeast Elevator will spare no effort to lead by innovative technology, continue to uphold the concept of "following national strategies and major bridge and tunnel projects, and promote system innovation and technological progress", and contribute to the building of a bridge and tunnel power.