onor Review | 2020 Southeast Elevator Events


01 Serve the major powers and help the rise of China's […]

01 Serve the major powers and help the rise of China's aerospace industry

Southeast Elevator leads with innovative technology, and uses "aerospace-grade" national elevator products to serve major national heavy equipment and witness the development of China's aerospace industry. Especially in this year to overcome the impact of the epidemic, escort every space launch mission, and have never been absent.

02The preferred elevator supplier for China's top 500 real estate companies for 5 consecutive years

As an operator of vertical transportation system solutions and a leading brand of China's national elevators, Southeast Elevator's supporting products in the real estate field are favored by major real estate developers, serving well-known developers such as Yanlord Land, Modern Land, Hisense Real Estate, etc.

03 Once again awarded the 2020 China Top Ten Elevator Manufacturers

Relying on years of innovation and development and brand accumulation, Southeast Elevator gives full play to the national intellectual property advantage enterprise, comprehensively promotes lean production, promotes production quality and efficiency, and builds the ingenious quality of Southeast Elevator with high-quality development. It has won the top 10 Chinese elevator manufacturers for two consecutive years. 

04 The most beautiful retrograde went to the Pakistan nuclear power project to fight the epidemic

During the epidemic, the Southeast Elevator engineering service team flew to Pakistan on the first chartered plane of China National Nuclear Corporation to serve Karachi nuclear power construction. A letter of thanks from China National Nuclear Corporation for Southeast Elevator, thanking the “nuclear industrialists” and their families who “retrograde” went to the Karachi project for their dedication to overseas “Hualong One”! Thank you Southeast Elevator for contributing to China's nuclear power going global!

05 Successfully developed 3.5m/s car elevator

Relying on the technical advantages of large-tonnage car elevator products, we have successfully developed a 3.5m/s patented smart car elevator. With a humanized, intelligent, and high-quality smart experience, we can achieve full coverage of application scenarios and provide customers with safer Full-time protection.

06 Integrate development and start a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Xinli Property Group

For the first time through innovative business cooperation, we will join hands with Xinli Property to create an all-round life platform based on a happy community, and work together to serve end customers well and create a happy space that carries dreams. This cooperation is not only a bond of capital, but also a sublimation of the same vision of the two companies.

07 Join forces to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei


Southeast and Huawei have joined forces, and the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement to serve Huawei's terminal manufacturing smart park with deepened and upgraded industrial elevators, help the development of the semiconductor electronics industry, serve China's "chips", and empower 5G development.

08 "Four History" learning, school-enterprise-school-local party building, united front and joint construction activities

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics went to Wujiang to carry out party building, united front and joint building activities in Southeast Elevator, with party building as the leader, united front cohesion, and promotion of "campus-enterprise" linkage. Deepen government-industry-university-research cooperation centering on the national strategy of integrated ecological and green development in the Yangtze Delta

09 "Tenth All Economic Federation Entrepreneur Incubation Camp" started successfully

In the spring season when we ushered in the first stage of the anti-epidemic victory, the partners of the tenth phase of the All-Business Alliance Entrepreneur Incubation Camp were reunited in the Southeast E Hall of Suzhou. This is also the first time that the All-Economic Union Incubation Camp has been held in member companies out of Beijing. Representatives of the Southeast management team participated in this course and empowered the enterprise management.

10 "A Thousand Miles of Southeast Asia" Art Series Activities

Technology cares for life, and art accompanies growth. Through the Southeast Art Miles series of activities, Southeast Art has entered thousands of households. Let art blend into a better life, and let beauty take root in the hearts of the people. Let world art enter China, let Chinese art go to the world.