Online and offline co-partnership ︱ 2021 Southeast Elevator 100 Cities and 100 Elevators Marketing Annual Meeting was successfully held


On January 16, the 2021 Southeast Elevator 100 Cities a […]

On January 16, the 2021 Southeast Elevator 100 Cities and 100 Elevator Marketing Annual Meeting was successfully held. The theme of this meeting was "The time is right to struggle, and the momentum is ready to set off". It debuted for the first time with an innovative online-offline combination model, which attracted all participants. Highly rated. Partners from one hundred cities across the country broke geographical boundaries and participated in this annual event through mobile and computer terminals. Online and offline guests gathered to participate in the grand event, plan for the layout and talk about the future.

Mr. Li Shoulin, President of the China Elevator Association, gave a speech, sharing the hopeful future of the industry with confidence for everyone, and encouraging Southeast people and partners to work together to build a benchmark for Chinese national elevators.

Chapter One "Sailing Southeast"

Qin Jiancong, chairman of Southeast Elevator, made the theme report of this conference. In 2020, Southeast has made new breakthroughs and new achievements in its work throughout the year through a number of innovation and reform measures. In 2021, we will thoroughly implement the "One Positioning", "Two Realizations", "Three Focuses" and "Four Achievements" and comprehensively deploy the annual strategic plan, accelerate high-quality development, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China.

Mr. Wu Zhijian, Chairman of the China Aerospace Foundation, delivered a speech. Southeast Elevator leads with innovative technology and witnesses the development of China's aerospace industry with "space-grade" national elevator products. Especially in this year to overcome the impact of the epidemic, escort every space launch mission, and have never been absent.

Chapter Two "Endeavour to Southeast"

Wang Haifeng, deputy general manager of Southeast Elevator, made the 2021 marketing plan for the "War of Line Crash". Demonstrate new challenges under new opportunities, new ways of playing under new patterns; gather new forces at a new starting point in 2021, and lead the new team to look forward to a new journey.

Southeast Elevator pioneered the business model of "urban partner" in the elevator industry, and the city joint committee and city partner representatives made online New Year sharing at the meeting.

Zhao Zhen, general manager of Southeast Elevator Technology Center, made the launch of the new 2021 product launch of "Bring the Wind and Waves · Upstream". The apron elevators with high ambitions, the smart elevators led by innovation, and the industrial elevators deepened and upgraded. New breakthroughs have been made in terms of, comfort and health, and it has become more competitive in the market.

Chapter Three "Leading the Southeast"

Li Xiangzhong, executive deputy general manager of Southeast Elevator, made the 2021 brand quality plan. Brand originates from quality, quality makes brand, "2021 Brand Quality Year", Southeast Asia accelerates high-quality development, serves major countries, serves China's manufacturing 2025, and serves China's new urbanization process.

Wei Bing, general manager of Mingyuan Cloud Purchasing Jiangsu and real estate supply chain expert of Mingyuan Real Estate Research Institute, shared the development trend of the real estate industry, and helped partners to jointly develop the real estate ecological chain and set more benchmark projects in the real estate industry.

Teacher Tang Liang, director of the Southeast Art Museum and famous pen-and-ink painter, shared the art to light up a better life, to carry the dream art space, and to help city partners move toward a higher-end market.

The health lecture given by Dao Yan, the founder of Beijing Honglai Health and one of the few contemporary health experts, will help the road to struggle in 2021 and empower the healthy ecological chain for partners everywhere.

In the online awards ceremony, we are grateful to our partners for their outstanding contributions to the development of the Southeastern market, and to commend the outstanding achievements of the sales team and sales elites who are fighting on the front line.

Taking the opportunity of this one hundred cities and hundred elevators marketing annual meeting, the "Southeast Elevator Miles" activity was launched to present the development achievements of the Southeast brand, showcase the classic achievements of the Southeast, summarize the 23-year development history of the Southeast, show the achievements of China's reform and opening up, and celebrate the Communist Party of China Centenary!

Wang Ru, Minister of Southeast Elevator Market, presided over the meeting

Partners and marketing teams from 100 cities participated in the grand event online and witnessed the moment of honor. The online live broadcast platform of the conference has more than 10,000 clicks to watch. The guests passed New Year’s wishes online, strengthen their confidence, brave the wind and waves, go forward bravely, go all out to open up new situations, and win a hundred cities and hundreds of ladders!