Is it time for an elevator modernization


Your elevator is at the heart of your building’s functi […]

Your elevator is at the heart of your building’s function and appeal  so allowing your passenger lift system to become outdated is not an option. Our elevator experts know what it takes to keep people moving safely, and we’ve developed a three-step approach based on performance, reliability, aesthetics and code changes to determine if it is time to start planning for a modernization.System performance is key, and excessive shutdowns related to older equipment is a clear sign that it is time to start planning for a modernization.


If more than 50 percent of your downtime is due to recurring issues or poor door quality, your next step should be to contact your local account representative and schedule a modernization consultation.Technology, safety and code regulations are constantly evolving. As safety related events occur enhancing your unit’s dependability is a must.


Complying with the latest code updates also increases the integrity of your elevator and building. If your elevator is approaching or past 20 years in service, then there's likely components that are obsolete or will take additional time to procure and repair.Check for noisy, outdated, broken and worn-down fixtures. Not only is this a nightmare for passengers, but it will also be difficult to replace discontinued equipment.


A modernization provides a quick and easy solution, outfitting your elevator with upgraded controllers, fixtures and door equipment that will improve your building’s value, style and passenger experience.If any of the conditions apply to one or all of your elevators it might be time to consider a full elevator modernization. Your building is unique, and your elevator should reflect your style.