How to save yourself when trapped in an elevator


The passenger elevator brings a lot of convenience to p […]

The passenger elevator brings a lot of convenience to people living in the city, but if the elevator breaks down, the trapped person needs to master the following self-rescue methods to ensure safety and obtain rescue.


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1. Keep calm and comfort those who are stuck together. Explain to everyone that there is no danger and that the elevator will not fall down the elevator slot. The elevator trough has an anti-fall safety device, which will firmly clamp the steel rails on both sides of the elevator, and the safety device will not fail.


2. Use the alarm bell or walkie-talkie or mobile phone to ask for help. If there is no alarm bell or walkie-talkie, and the mobile phone fails again, you can slap the door and shout.


3. If you cannot find an elevator mechanic immediately, ask someone outside to call the firefighter. Firefighters usually twist the elevator up or down to the nearest floor and then open the door. Even if there is a power failure, firefighters can twist the elevator up and down with a hand crank.


4. If no trained rescuers are present, do not climb out of the elevator by yourself.


5. Never try to forcibly open the inner door of the elevator. Even if it can be opened, it may not be able to reach the outer door. Of course, it is impossible to open the outer door to escape safely. The grease on the outer wall of the elevator may make people slip and fall.


6. If there is an emergency exit on the ceiling of the elevator, do not climb out. Once the exit board is opened, the safety switch will stop the elevator. However, if the exit board is accidentally closed, the elevator may suddenly start and lose its balance. In the dark elevator groove, you may trip over the elevator cable, or slip due to stepping on grease, and fall from the elevator top.


7. If you are trapped in the elevator of a commercial building late at night or weekend afternoon, it is possible that no one approaches the elevator for hours or even days. In this case, the safest course of action is to remain calm and wait for opportunities to ask for help. It is best to endure the suffering of hunger, thirst, and sultry heat, save your life, pay attention to the movement outside, and try to get his attention if there are pedestrians passing by. If it doesn't work, just wait until work hours and then pat the door for help.