How to master the technical essentials of elevator maintenance


The passenger lift in use should be inspected and maint […]

The passenger lift in use should be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure the safe operation of the elevator and extend the service life. Generally, there are certain requirements in the periodic maintenance and inspection cycle of elevators, which can be roughly divided into six methods: daily inspection, monthly inspection, quarterly inspection, annual inspection, and special inspection, to carry out planned, purposeful, and organized periodic maintenance an examination. Each maintenance inspection system has its own key points and specific content in terms of methods; the front and back links are closely linked and closely related to each other, and the maintenance personnel should also formulate it according to the frequency of elevator use in the unit The specific maintenance method of this elevator, and then carefully and rhythmically implement the established maintenance system. What are the differences between various maintenance systems, what are the key parts of maintenance, and what are the specific characteristics of the parts of maintenance, the situation is as follows:


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1 Daily inspection and maintenance system: require maintenance personnel to seriously ask the elevator driver about the use and operation of the elevator every day, and then personally inspect it, and finally make a daily record of the condition of each part after the inspection. The key parts of maintenance: should be placed on the correctness of the elevator movement and the stability of the elevator speed. If any problem is found, solve it in time to ensure the safe use of the elevator without failure. The specific parts of the daily inspection system are as follows:


1.1 Check the following items in terms of the correctness of elevator operation


(1) Whether the switches, buttons and signals on the control panel in the car are correct;


(2) Whether the station call and floor display outside the hall are correct;


(3) Whether the parking plane position of the car is accurate;


(4) Whether the control panel accepts instructions and controls the actual running actions are coordinated;


(5) Whether the actual load in the car is consistent with the rated load in the car.


1.2 The following checks should be made in terms of the stability of the elevator running speed


(1) The speed of the automatic door machine during the whole process of opening and closing the door should be normal and stable;


(2) The fast and slow speeds of the traction machine should be normal and stable;


(3) The fast and slow speeds of the traction motor should be normal and stable;


(4) The running speed of the rotating wheel of the speed limiter device and the car should be the same;


(5) When the elevator is running at full speed, changing from fast to slow speed, starting and stopping, the car must have a safe, stable and comfortable feeling;


(6) The jog short-distance operation of the elevator should be stable and normal. These are the key points and specific parts of the daily maintenance inspection system.


2 The focus of the weekly maintenance system: maintenance personnel are required to check the reliability of the elevator's operating safety devices and the flexibility of the elevator's operating parts every week to ensure the safe operation and normal operation of the elevator. The specific contents of the weekly inspection and maintenance system are as follows:


2.1 Reliability inspection of elevator operation safety device


(1) Whether the function of the hall door lock is reliable;


(2) Whether the electric limit interlocking function of the car and the hall door is reliable;


(3) Whether the emergency stop button or safety switch in the car is reliable;


(4) Whether the safety gear limit switch is reliable;


(5) Whether the function of the safety window switch is correct;


(6) Whether the functions of the car top control box and control switch are correct and reliable.