How to distinguish whether the elevator is qualified


What is an elevator company assembled elevator? Some mi […]

What is an elevator company assembled elevator? Some middlemen who sell scrap elevators purchase old elevators at a price of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan, and they can sell at least 50,000 to 100,000 yuan after renovation. The price of a domestic ordinary elevator is around 120,000 yuan. Therefore, an industrial chain of selling assembled elevators has gradually formed.


What is a scrapped elevator?


Generally, the reference conditions for judging scrapping (11 items):

a. Due to serious defects of electrical and mechanical components, it is possible or has caused personal injury or death;

b. Electrical and mechanical equipment has become obsolete, has been overhauled more than 3 times, and has no value for overhaul;

c. The service life of the elevator has exceeded 15 years and there is no major repair value;

d. The elevator product has seriously failed to meet the safe use conditions, technical standards and "Safety Code for Elevator Manufacturing and Installation" (GB7588);

e. The main traction drive mechanism of the elevator adopts spur gear, hoisting type or rack type transmission device with unreliable protection (or no protection) device;

f. The metal structure is seriously deformed or corroded, the safety protection device cannot be repaired or replaced with a new type, and there is no guarantee of safe operation;

g. The use efficiency is low, the energy consumption is large, and the operation noise is serious and cannot be improved;

h. The special equipment safety supervision department organizes relevant elevator professional and technical personnel to conduct safety and reliability evaluation and appraisal without major repair and use value;

i. The operation of the elevator equipment inclines greater than 15° due to the severe inclination or settlement of the building;

j. The elevator equipment has been seriously burned by the fire or the electrical equipment has been soaked in water for too long to be treated and repaired;

k. The equipment is outdated, with incomplete functions, poor performance, and needs to be updated upon request from the customer.


How to distinguish whether the elevator is qualified?


The user shall establish elevator safety technical files. The safety technical file shall include at least the following contents:

1. "Registration Form for Use of Special Equipment".

2. Installation, renovation, and major maintenance supervision and inspection reports, and regular inspection reports.

3. Technical documents such as product qualification certificates, type test certificates, drawings and other technical documents of elevators and their parts and safety protection devices.

4. Relevant materials and records during installation, transformation and major maintenance.

5. Daily inspection and usage records, maintenance records, annual self-inspection records or reports, emergency rescue drill records, periodic inspection reports, and equipment operation failure records should be kept for at least two years, and other data should be kept for a long time.