How to determine the travel height of a hydraulic freight elevator


The maximum height of the cargo lift lifting platform r […]

The maximum height of the cargo lift lifting platform refers to the height of the platform surface from the ground when the platform is raised to the highest position. Generally, the naming method of imported high-altitude equipment uses platform height. The maximum working height refers to the height at which a person can work flexibly when the platform is raised to the highest position plus the hand when standing. Generally, this height is 2 meters above the platform height.Choose suitable cargo elevators according to your actual needs, such as: where to use, what is the environment, how much the equipment requires to lift, size, rise, rated load and other factors to comprehensively consider and screen. Choose the lifting platform that suits your job level requirements.Many customers have different requirements for using lifting platforms and different types of requirements.


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Today’s cargo elevators are diverse and can be customized according to their needs. Therefore, the key to choosing which lifting equipment is to use there, such as: some customers For indoor use, the environment is required to be clean and tidy, do not dig pits, and need protective nets. At this time, you can choose which type of lifting platform and rail type lifting platform. Some customers choose outdoor use, and there is no strict requirement for cleanliness. They can dig pits or add protective nets. Many people choose to dig pits. Naturally, more common fixed scissor lift platforms are chosen.Nowadays, with market demand, manufacturers produce lifting platforms of various models and parameters, such as: fixed lifting platforms, scissor lifting platforms, automobile lifting platforms, hydraulic lifting platforms between floors, guide rail lifting platforms, crank arm Various types of equipment such as elevators.


Customers can choose the type that suits them according to their needs.When selecting the lifting platform, it is necessary to consider many influencing factors such as traffic control, work safety, workers’ working environment, the size of the existing space, and climate conditions. The determination of the height and position of the lifting platform is the top priority, which determines the stability of the lifting platform and the later work efficiency. If the choice is incorrect, the later work will be restricted. So how should the height and position of the lifting platform be determined?


The adjustment plate of the cargo elevators is installed at the front end of the platform, which eliminates the direct gap and height difference between the lift and the truck, and facilitates the forklift to directly transport the goods onto the truck or unload the goods. At the same time, if the slope increases, the loading and unloading efficiency will be affected, and the structure and maintenance requirements for the adjustment plate and the forklift will also be correspondingly increased, which is more likely to cause accidental danger. When determining the height of the hydraulic platform, first determine the range of the floor height of the truck using the platform, and use the middle height of this range as the reference value for the height of the loading and unloading platform.I hope our introduction can be helpful to you. If you want to know more about the knowledge of freight elevator, you can browse us Website, we will provide you with more professional information.