How to deal with elevator power failure


Whether it is a cargo lift power outage or failure of t […]

Whether it is a cargo lift power outage or failure of the elevator itself causing an unexpected stop, or a forced landing of the elevator caused by a fire alarm reported by the fire protection system, it will cause great inconvenience to the passengers and even frighten the passengers. Therefore, the following procedures must be strictly followed to ensure the personal safety of passengers.


1. When the fire protection system reports a fire alarm and the elevator is stopped, the fire personnel on duty should be calm and calm, quickly find out the location and number of the alarm points, call the security personnel on duty to rush to the scene to check, and use the intercom to remind passengers to keep calm. When a fire is confirmed on the spot, the management office must be notified to organize personnel to extinguish the fire and rescue the disaster, and stop the elevator operation at the same time. If it is a false alarm, remove the fault as soon as possible and restore the elevator to normal operation.


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2. Sudden power outage or failure of the elevator itself causes the elevator to stop running. The fire-fighting officer should tell passengers not to panic through the intercom and not to stick any part of the body out of the car, and then immediately notify the engineering department personnel according to the floor lights Instruct or carefully open the outer door to check and determine the position of the car. Before rescue the trapped person and leave the car, you should cut off the power supply of the malfunctioning elevator first. According to the situation, follow the steps below to release the trapped passengers.


(1) When the car stops at a position close to the entrance of the waiting hall, and is no more than 0.5 meters above or below the floor, use the special exterior door key to open the exterior door, and at the same time slowly open the car door with force to help passengers leave safely Car, and then close the outer door again.


(2) The car stops at a position far away from the entrance of the waiting hall. If the car door is half-closed, it should be completely closed or opened first, and then the car is brought to the leveling floor by manual cranking, and the special outer door key is used Open the car door to rescue the trapped persons, and then close the outer door again.


(3) When manually turning the car, at least two people should perform the intermittent operation. One person grasps the wheel firmly with both hands, and the other opens the brake. Every time the brake is released, the vehicle is turned once for intermittent operation. If the car stops at a position above or below the entrance of the waiting hall on the highest or lowest floor, the brakes should be released while holding the tight wheels, and the car should be moved in the correct direction with a manual crank. The compartment moves by itself. (4) If the elevator stops due to the action of the safety gear and the manual cranking cannot take effect, the trapped passengers will be rescued from the safety window.


3. When the elevator itself breaks down, after the trapped person is rescued, personnel will be organized to inspect and repair immediately to find out the cause of the accident and eliminate hidden dangers. If self-repair is not possible, the elevator maintenance professional must be notified as soon as possible to eliminate the fault, restore the normal operation of the elevator, and write the accident The written report shall be submitted to the Comprehensive Management Department of the Management Office.