How to choose and buy the right boom


Different configurations can cargo lift achieve differe […]

Different configurations can cargo lift achieve different usage effects. Customers can choose the appropriate lifting platform configuration according to the surrounding environment and their own use requirements to achieve better use effects. Due to the impact of factors such as the height of the building’s hydraulic lifting platform, the size of the object, and the factors included in the conventional hydraulic lifting platform model, it is sometimes not suitable for use requirements. It can be customized according to the actual use environment and operating requirements, ascent, load capacity, etc. The area of ​​the production platform is processed to obtain the ideal use effect.


Provides corresponding solutions for hydraulic machinery. In meeting rooms, exhibition halls and other places that need to reduce noise, you should consider using imported pumping stations to reduce noise pollution and reduce family troubles. Sometimes, it is used outdoors without an external power source. In this way, batteries or diesel engines can be regarded as power. You can consider using the battery continuously in a low temperature environment, because the diesel engine is not easy to drive when the temperature is low. When purchasing a hydraulic lifting platform, the manufacturer of the lifting platform requires the frequency of use and must answer truthfully without concealing the facts.


Therefore, when manufacturing and special handling of the equipment, it may cause frequent use and damage to the equipment. Looking around the hydraulic lifting platform to see if the manufacturer is qualified, this is the most direct method. A good product is inseparable from fine workmanship. The rising and falling jitter is very serious. This is because the temperature is low, the hydraulic oil is thick, and the equipment has just started to run, and every part has not been properly warmed up.


Therefore, it should be "warmed up" at the beginning of use, that is, the test machine , This will have a significant effect. Static electricity is very annoying in winter, and it is also annoying in our daily lives. In the face of static electricity, the best way to carry out high-altitude operations is to wear anti-static overalls and discharge before the operation to prevent the static electricity generated during the operation from causing psychological panic on the freight elevator. The body is slippery. If there is ice, please open the legs, because in winter, the ground is easy to freeze, so it is strictly forbidden to use legs or tires in places with low friction to avoid dangerous accidents.