How better to use warehouse goods lift correctly


With the continuous development of society, people’s ne […]

With the continuous development of society, people’s needs continue to increase. In order to meet people’s growing production and life needs, many mechanical equipment has emerged. Warehouse cargo lift are one of them. However, there are many types of freight elevators, such as guide rails. The freight elevator is one of them. Today, we will mainly learn about the safety protection measures of commercial lifts elevators.Inspection of warehouse goods lift Check whether the motor base and shell are intact; whether the motor base is installed firmly and whether the motor vibrates during operation; check whether the motor fan is damaged; checkwhether the insulation resistance value of the motor is within the specified range; whether the motor is lubricated well, whether the bearing is normal.


And whether there is abnormal sound during operation; check whether the temperature rise of the motor meets the regulations during operation; check whether the motor is running, is there any peculiar smell when running?Check whether the cable insulation layer is damaged; whether the cable is fixed reliably; whether the cable stretched part is bent or twisted. Machine damage: check whether the cable connection is firm.Check whether the power distribution box shell is damaged and the paint is damaged; check whether the safety warning signs of the power distribution box are intact; check whether the power distribution box is grounded firmly and reliably; the hydraulic lift conducts a comprehensive inspection of the contractor: contact whether the burn is serious, whether there is a gap in the contact contact, whether the spring is damaged, deformed, corroded, and fatigue aging.


Whether there is any adhesion on the suction surface of the iron core, whether there is rust, whether there is oil, and the contractor when working,There is an abnormal sound, the limit block has no obvious wear machine damage; whether the disconnection time is normal; time relay inspection content: check whether the wiring in the panel is firm, whether there is looseness or fall off: check whether there is dust or dirt in the panel.After the small cargo lift is installed, it can be operated.


The surface of the counter is placed according to the approved lifting (the goods are placed on platform above) carry out the increase and decrease operation, and the fund allocation can be used without any problem if the operation is no problem.Use the column square steel pipe and the internal thread to accurately position, install the four columns and then use the screw nut to quickly; then use the auxiliary chuck.Establish the position of the structure, and weld the three structures and the column; accurately position the manufactured elevator angle steel embedded guide rail.In the groove of the shaft, use the top screw nut to clamp the guide rail and the frame for butt welding; in advance, the cement block and the rack are twisted with anchor screws.