Good news | Southeast Elevator won the "2020 Suzhou Quality Management Excellence Award"


Recently, the Suzhou Municipal Government held the 2021 […]

Recently, the Suzhou Municipal Government held the 2021 Work Conference for a Strong Quality City. Mayor Li Yaping, Deputy Mayor Yang Zhiping, Municipal Government Secretary-General Zhou Wei, Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Chen Chunming, and Municipal Government Office Deputy Director Zhang Liangsheng attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Deputy Mayor Yang Zhiping. Our company won the "2020 Suzhou Quality Management Excellence Award". Chairman Qin Jiancong took the stage to accept the award on behalf of the company. Mayor Li Yaping personally awarded the medal to Southeast Elevator Co., Ltd.

Southeast Elevator attaches great importance to quality management, continuously improves the company's soft power, comprehensively summarizes and refines years of excellent management experience, and actively implements an excellent performance management model with excellent leadership, organizational efficiency, technological innovation, information leadership, and business lean as its core characteristics.

In the future, Southeast Elevator will continue to further strengthen quality awareness, improve service quality and business development quality, enhance core competitiveness, and contribute to the construction of a new Jiangsu that shows "strong, rich, beautiful and high"!