For 22 years of ingenuity, Southeast Elevator was selected as "2020 Ingenuity Brand"!


Ingenuity is the guarantee of quality, the soul of the […]

Ingenuity is the guarantee of quality, the soul of the brand, the foundation of an enterprise and the guarantee of development, and the internal driving force for social development. At present, my country is in a critical period of moving from an industrial power to an industrial power. Adhering to the ingenuity and the spirit of ingenuity is of great significance to promoting the high-quality development of the Chinese economy and achieving the "two centenary" goals.

In this ingenuity brand selection, a total of 412 brands participated in the application. In the end, 210 brands were successfully selected and included in the ingenuity brand query system. After 22 years of development, Southeast Elevator adheres to the ingenuity quality and high-quality development, and is successfully selected as the "Ingenuity" Brands" list.

In order to advocate the development of ingenuity brands, encourage enterprises to concentrate on, persist in innovation, and provide consumers with products and services that strive for excellence, the ingenuity brand network and the Global Public Opinion Survey Center set up an ingenuity brand selection working committee, and the BBI Business Brand Strategy Institute to jointly develop ingenuity Brand evaluation system, to carry out ingenious brand selection work, aiming to discover ingenious brands, speak out for outstanding ingenious brands, set industry benchmarks, and lead the healthy development of the industry.