Finally you are here! Wandou elevator delivered to Shanghai Huayin Road community residents realize their dream elevator room


On the afternoon of October 12, Southeast Pea Elevator […]

On the afternoon of October 12, Southeast Pea Elevator held a delivery ceremony for the completion of the installation of elevators at Lane 152, Huayin Road, Shanghai. The elevators were officially delivered to the owners and put into use. They won unanimous praise from the residents. The residents finally realized their dream of living in an elevator room.

No. 3, Lane 152, Huayin Road, Shanghai is located at the intersection of Huayin Road and Lishan Road. It is a seven-story commercial and residential building built in the 1990s and is a typical old community. It is understood that the residents in the community are seriously aging, and it has been everyone's long-cherished wish to get on the elevator in front of the house.

After the short completion and delivery ceremony, residents can't wait to experience the convenience of this elevator. "We are getting older and it is not convenient to go out. After years of waiting, we can finally get on the elevator." The owner of the corridor said happily. "The elevator is spacious and bright, and the riding experience is very good. I used to be afraid of climbing when I go home, but now it is convenient and fast to get up and down."

"Pea Elevator" is a wellness elevator launched by Southeast Elevator for the existing building retrofit elevator market. It is specially designed for the elderly. It incorporates nine elements for the elderly to make it easier for the elderly to ride and provide the elderly with the greatest travel convenience. Pea's installation of elevators solves the travel obstacles of the residents of old buildings, especially the elderly, from the source, and better meets the needs of the elderly to participate in social life. Pea Elevator is a happy space carrying dreams, rejuvenating existing buildings and bringing convenience and beautiful life to residents.

Wujiang is one of the core areas of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta. As a Southeast Elevator growing and growing in Wujiang, it actively provides services within its capacity for the urban renewal and construction of an international metropolis in Shanghai, contributes to the construction of the community’s livelihood projects, and provides a happy life for the people in the community Make more contributions.