Drivers of elevator industry growth


The growth of passenger elevator my country's commercia […]

The growth of passenger elevator my country's commercial real estate is mainly driven by the development of the commercial housing market, office building and commercial business housing market. In terms of the commercial housing market, with the real estate regulation that began in the year, the growth rate of the market has slowed down, but the overall idea of ​​macro-control is to suppress the speculative demand for commercial housing in first  and second-tier cities, while the demand for housing improvement and the commercial housing in third- and fourth-tier cities The development of the market is not within the scope of regulation.


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Therefore, after regulation, the market shows a more rational and steady growth trend. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the sales area of ​​domestic commercial housing was increased compared to the previous year, and the market growth trend was not affected by macro-control. The steady growth of the macro economy has promoted the continuous increase in my country's urbanization rate. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the average annual growth rate of urbanization has reached the overall goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, and my country's urbanization rate will reach.


In the field of renewal of old elevators, elevators that exceed the prescribed service life are still running illegally, which will bring major hidden dangers to elevator safety. According to the regulations promulgated by the State Council, “special equipment that has serious hidden dangers of accidents, has no value for renovation or maintenance, or exceeds the service life specified in the safety technical specifications, special equipment users shall promptly scrap them. Data and calculations based on industry regulations for mandatory scrapping of elevators.


In the field of old building renovation, with the improvement of the socio-economic level and the aging of the population, the need to install elevators in existing buildings has attracted the attention of government departments. The Ministry of Construction lists special projects in the key scientific and technological support projects, and conducts research on the renovation of existing buildings, especially how to retrofit and install elevators in existing buildings across the country. Set up special topics to carry out relevant policies, investment, technology, standards, renovation plans, and needs , Comprehensive research on approval procedures.